Master Indexing

Master Indexing is a professional indexing business run by Max McMaster providing indexing services to commercial, corporate, government, and individual clients.

Indexing services available include:

  • Indexing of books, journals, newspapers, databases, pictorial works, CD or DVDs and web pages
  • Consulting on indexing, and indexing-related matters
  • Training courses in all styles and formats of indexing, and
  • Lecturing on indexing, and indexing-related topics.

Master Indexing provides every effort to ensure that:

  • A high quality of work is achieved for all indexes
  • Work is completed in an orderly and efficient manner, and
  • Our prices for work and related services are competitive.

What is Indexing?

Indexing involves creating a list of important keywords and phrases, called an index, from throughout books, journals, and other media, such as webpages or CD/DVDs.

This list, in turn, is published at the back of a book, or on CD/DVD-ROM for the everyday reader or user to help them identify the theme or topic that they are after.